Mereoja Camping opened on 15th May 2013. The resort is completely new and meets all modern standards. We are located near Kõrkküla, at Tallinn – Narva highway. Special areas have been prepared for travellers with caravans, motorhomes and tents. Our cottages house up to 4 people and are located in a beautiful sun exposed area. A special relaxing treat is an opportunity to use our sauna. In the main building information is given about local sights, cold and hot drinks are available for purchase. You can also use the toilet and the shower. A shelter, which has adjustable walls, is suitable for organizing events. In the beach side of the campsite there’s a place for barbecue, next to it there is a terrace with a lovely sea view. 

Mereoja Camping is located in Aseri parish on a limestone cliff right by the sea. Campsite offers a full sea view and during the midsummer sun rises and sets right into the sea. Each evening a different nature’s play is offered to you.

The area of the campsite is open to the sun and on a clear day you can enjoy the sunshine all day long. During really hot weathers the trees and the beach offer comfort. The campsite has its own beach which is easily accessible by stairs.

As the campsite is located on a high limestone cliff, the area of the resort is never fully in the power of the winds. When the wind blows down at the beach, it is quiet up on the cliff and the other way around.

In Mereoja Camping you can enjoy the birdsong as well as the soothing sound of the sea. Those interested in nature have the possibility to capture various bird species and sometimes even encounter roe deer, moose, foxes, weasels and rabbits.

We await you at Mereoja Camping!

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